We offer puppy socialization,
obedience, rally and conformation handling classes
in our training building which is heated and air conditioned.
Ring size is 30 foot by 42 foot with rubber flooring.
Observation/crating area is 8 by 30.
Attached outdoor fenced exercise area with
running water. Obedience jumps available for use


Call 616-844-4217 for more information
or e-mail us at

Registration Form for classes

Puppy Socialization Checklist

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Class lessons: $10. per hour
You may purchase 10 classes for $90. and use
at your convenience anytime within a year

Class Descriptions:
Puppy STAR-
Socialization for your puppy age 3 months and up including the
AKC puppy S.T.A.R. program and testing.

Family Dog -
Basic manners training, sit, down, stay, off and come when called
Reactive Dog -
Class for dogs that react to other dogs with barking, lunging or growling.
Beginner Rally & Obedience -
Basic obedience moves, sit, down, stay, front, come,
stand. Learn novice rally signs. On lead with some off lead preparation

Novice/Advanced Rally Obedience -
For those comfortable with the Novice signs and
ready for Advanced and Excellent work and Novcie Obedience.

Open/Utility Competition Obedience -
For those planning to
compete in AKC or UKC obedience trials. We start right out with fundamentals
to prepare for long term success.

Conformation - Ring time for conformation puppies and adults.

Private consult: $20. to $30 per hour during non-regular class times.
Semi Private - $30. Two to three people sharing an hour lesson in our building.
Just find one or two friends and arrange for lessons at any time including

Building floor use: $5. per hour per person - not
guaranteed you will be the only person training. If you plan to
use the building to train and are already registered with us,
simply send an e-mail or Facebook message letting us know
you will be coming by. We will make sure the building is open and
heat is up. Simply sign in on the board and put your payment
in the envelope provided.

Group Rental of Building: $25. per hour Limited to 8 handler/dog combination
(may have additional spectators)

We believe in positive reinforcement and the use of conditioned reinforcers
in training dogs. The training experience should be a positive one for
both the dog and the owner.

Liz is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
and has studied under Ian Dunbar DVM Ph.D.
as well as Adele Yunck of Northfield Dog Training.
Liz writes peer reviewed articles on dog care and training
for eXtension as a member of the Companion Animal Community of Practice.
She is also an AKC Rally judge.


Currently working in obedience and rally are
Treasure, Phantom, Alaska (Pomeranian) and Indiana (Aussie).

Solid Gold Bearied Treasure CD RE

Above are Liz and Treasure in the rally ring at the SCA national specialty.
Treasure has excelled in rally with placements for every leg.
Click on the picture above to see a video of her running a Rally Novice B course
in which she was 2nd place with a score of 99. .

Below is Boston after competing in her first rally trial which was
in Kentucky at the SCA National in October 200

Ch. Starbucks Solid Gold T-Party CDX RAE

Alaska the Pomeranian has an RA and a CD.
His picture is linked to a video of him at at rally trial in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Dreamweaver Northern Lights CD RA

Phantom the Samoyed earned his Rally Novice title in three shows at the
2012 Kalamazoo Havest Cluster. He is
Solid Gold Music of the Night RN

Coming soon, Indiana the Aussie will be in the rally and obedience ring.
Countrywoods Nvus Jazz Finale CGC RN