Before you decide to purchase a Samoyed, please read as much as you
can about them and talk to a variety of breeders to learn more
about the breed history, their health issues, behavior and training as well as grooming.

Samoyeds are beautiful and full of energy. They belong in a family where they can get
plenty of attention and exercise. Sammie's love to dig huge holes in your lawn,
bark at every creature that moves and hold long conversations with you.
And if you even wonder if they shed, they are probably not the breed for you!

Below are some links to help you research the breed, learn more about dogs in
general, training, sledding and health issues.

American Kennel Club - For information on pure bred dogs
Samoyed Club of America - For Samoyed owners and lovers. It has a breeder listing

SAMBear - Samoyed Breeders Ethical and Responsible
- To be on this list a breeder must meet standards of health screening
and be a member of a national breed club.
Samoyed Breeders - Samoyed breeders list upcoming litters and puppies for sale.

Samoyed Association of Metro Detroit
- The Michigan Samoyed club
holds family friendly events.

PupQuest an excellent site with information on how to determine if
a breeder is one you want to get a puppy from.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - The largest health database.
Look up dogs using their registered name.
At the top of the record is a spot to view a vertical pedigree.

CHIC - Canine Health Information Center. -
Parent clubs (like SCA) set high standards for
CHIC clearances. To be listed on CHIC a Samoyed
must have clearances for hips, cardiac, PRA, RD and current CERF.

Canine Eye Research Foundation - Data base for eye clearances.
Only specialists can perform CERF exams.

Pam Barbe's Samoyed Health Site - Pam Barbe is a member of the SCA
and has compiled a lot of information on health issues for Samoyeds.
SCARF - A growing site filled with information on health issues for Samoyeds.

eXtension Companion Animal Community of Practice - Articles on
dog care, training and health written and peer reviewed by
land grand university experts. Elizabeth Wells, Ph.D. is
a member of the community and has contributed articles and FAQs.

APDT - The largest association of dog trainersin the US.
It was founded by Ian Dunbar, PhD DVM We highly recommend their training methods.

Northfield Dog Training - In Michigan the record for
Obedience Trial Champions belongs to Adele Yunck of Northfield Dog Training.
Adele uses positive reinforcement training
and has completed OTCH titles on two different terriers
as well as several flat coated retrievers. Her training methods work well for Samoyeds.

Dog Star Daily - Information on dog traning for your puppy.

International Sled Dog Racing Association - Lots of great information on dog sledding.
This organization sanctions sled races around the world.
Mid Union Sled Haulers - A Michigan sled racing group which is family oriented.
Iditarod - The last great race.

Greater Muskegon Kennel Club - The local kennel club that we are members of.

MB-F Inc. - A dog show superintendent which does the entry and
record keeping for most Michigan dog shows.
Roy Jones Dog Shows - The second most common dog show
super in Michigan and the midwest.
Onofrio Dog Shows - Some larger shows around the country use Onofrio.