At Solid Gold Samoyeds we follow the Samoyed Club of America Code of Ethics
and the Samoyed CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) standards in our breedings.
We only breed OFA Good or better and we also screen for Elbow dysplasia. All
Solid Gold Samoyeds have their eyes examined once per year by a CERF opthamologist,
have been cleared for cardiac, thyroid and tested for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) via
DNA. PRA can cause blindness and is an inherited eye disease in Samoyeds.
In selecting breeding stock we are interested in temperament, structure as seen
in effortless movement and good health. We only breed to males with
similar health clearances.
Each breeding is carefully considered and the litter
is always futurity nominated through the Samoyed Club of America.

Before our puppies go to their new homes, they have been to a veterinarian at least twice,
have had 1st and 2nd puppy shots and they are microchipped. They are very well socialized
by living with the Pomeranians and our cat and they are inside the house
with us most of the day. We make sure they can climb stairs and are used to playing
on a wide variety of surfaces. They also get several hours of playtime outside daily once they
are old enough. We give them a litter pan to use starting when they are five weeks old.
It is amazing to see how quickly they learn to use it. This usually makes
housebreaking much easer for new owners. We feed Purnia One "smart" puppy food
with DHA which helps their little minds develop as they grow.
Our puppies go home with a collar and leash, toy, four generation pedigree,
bag of puppy food and their first heart worm tablet. Price includes AKC registration.
Of course you will
also receive copies of health clearances from both parents. We also provide
each new family with numerous pictures of their little one from the first day of birth.
We are available to answer questions, give assistance with grooming and training
and to mentor you to help you with your new Solid Gold puppy
and will support you in any way we can. We only breed every
couple of years and each puppy is very important to us. We are looking
for homes that are willing to commit for a lifetime! Our puppies
cost more than those in the newspaper, but often less than those from
puppy mills or from pet shops. When we say "champion" pedigree, we mean
that more than 90% of the dogs going back five generations are
AKC champions.

If you are thinking about buying a Samoyed it is important that
you research the breed and the breeder very carefully.
Do NOT take any breeders word for health clearances or show records.
You can easily research these things by going on the OFA website.
All health clearances are open to public and you can
even run a vertical pedigree to see the clearances of the dogs
behind the parents you are considering. To
check OFA records go here: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Look for hip clearances of Good or Excellent and
current CERF. Additional tests such as elbows, cardiac and PRA
are also included on the OFA website. Breeders who
truly care about the health of the puppies they breed will
be open and honest about these clearances and will not
give you excuses about it costing too much or
"the dog has prelims so I know it will be o.k." or
"my vet checked her or him"
You can also check the championship record of the dogs
by going to the AKC website. For a small fee you can also
verify show records.

Be sure to visit the breeders home. If the breeder will
not let you visit, that is a red flag.
If they do invite you
to visit, this is a great opportunity to see their dogs up
close and personal and to see how they take care of their
dogs. A good rule of thumb is, if you would not feel comfortable
having dinner with the breeder and their family at their home,
then you probably should skip this puppy and look for another
breeder. They don't need to have a grand house, but
it should be clean and comfortable and it should be clear
that they have the time and resources to put into each
litter. Puppies require an enormous amount of time and
energy in the first 9 weeks and lots of human interaction
provides for well socialized puppies that are a joy to live with.
Excuses such as being too busy or having family members
who don't want visitors are never acceptable. Any breeder
should welcome your visit. Puppies that are going to be
part of a family need to get their start where they are in the house
and are included in everyday activites. Puppies that are raised
in kennel buildings and who don't get to interact in a home
environment will have missed out on valuable socialization.

The best breeders are truly invested in the breed and the dog
community and they will be knowledgeable and forthright in their
dealings. They will be very interested in you and want to know
a lot about how you plan to raise the puppy, and perhaps
more importantly how you plan to live with the dog
that the puppy will become.

Our puppies come with a written contract.