Elizabeth & Michael Wells
Grand Haven, Michigan

We are a small hobby kennel located on 14 plus acres in beautiful western Michigan near the shores
of Lake Michigan. We (Mike and Liz) met in April 1999 at an event sponsored by a local
kennel club. Liz had Samoyeds and Mike had Pomeranians and we were both
active in showing and breeding. We became best of friends and were married
in December 2003 and are now a blended family of Pomeranians, Samoyeds, one
Maine Coon cat named Wrangler and our garage cat named Kensington..

Mike is a pharmacist and Liz worked 26 years as a 4-H Youth Educator.
Liz retired in 2011 and now works as a dog trainer at
Solid Gold Dog Training.
She has a doctorate in Agriculture and Extension Education.
We both enjoy breeding, training and exhibiting our dogs in
AKC shows and are both active in the Greater Muskegon Kennel Club. Liz competes
in conformation, obedience, and rally and enjoys occasional sledding with her dogs.
Mike is more interested in conformation showing but has also titled a dog in rally.

We are members of the Samoyed Club of America, the Samoyed Association of
Metro Detroit (SAMD), the Greater Muskegon Kennel Club (GMKC), the
American Pomeranian Club (APC) and the Michigan Pomeranian Club.
Liz has served as president of SAMD, Chair of the Awards Committee of SCA,
on the board of GMKC and as a show chair of the fall AKC show of the
Muskegon club. Mike is Vice-President of the Michigan Pom Club.

We both judge AKC and 4-H matches in showmanship and conformation and
Liz hasjudged obedience, rally and agility 4-H shows in many counties in Michigan
and at the State 4-H Dog Show. She also teaches obedience, rally
and conformation handling in a temperature controlled 1,500 square foot training building.
She is a certified Canine Good Citizen tester
and a provisional Rally judge for the American Kennel Club.

In May of 2007 Liz judged Samoyed sweepstakes in Pennsylvania. She
judged Pomeranian Sweeps in Michigan in September 2009 and
judged Samoyed sweeps in San Antonio Texas in March of 2011.
She judged the rally trial of the Samoyed Club of America national specialty
in September 2012.
Together along with Mike's sister Linda who shows Pomeranians with us,
we have finished over 20 AKC champions to date
with several from the bred by exhibitor class.

We are AKC Breeders of Merit.

The name "Solid Gold Samoyeds" comes from the musical The Music Man starring
Robert Preston, Shirley Jones and Ron Howard. Ron Howard plays the little
brother of Shirley's Jones' character and when he gets a shiny new coronet
from the traveling salesman he says to his sister "Sister, sister, isn't it
the most scrumptious solid gold thing you ever saw? Oh sister!" When I first
brought Sammy Jo home in 1991, she was the most scrumptious solid gold
thing I had ever seen and she became Scrumptious Solid Gold Sammy because I
didn't want to call her "Thing". The Sammy Jo call name was based on the
character Sammy Jo in Dynasty which was played by Heather Locklear.
My hope was that she would grow up to be as beautiful and sassy as
that character and I was NOT dissapointed! Now all of our Samoyeds
carry the Solid Gold name in her memory.